Experience a wilder side of Canada

Canoe, survival and fishing adventures.

Experience the excitement and tranquility of cruising in classic Canadian canoes through stunning rivers and mountain valleys. Canoes are a great way to see Canadian wilderness. By escaping crowds and venturing off of the beaten track, one is able to fully capture the beauty of the untouched nature.

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Wild, exotic and remote or untouched and tranquil, discover our incredible destinations. Meet Canada. Differently.

We booked a private 3 day canoe trip with Andy. We experienced a fabulous adventure. We saw seals, a lighthouse, countless small gorgeous islands and got to swim in beautiful water. What a trip!!!! It was fabulous. It was great to experience Canada.

- Shelly Johnson

Fantastic! We got 2 canoes for 4 of us. I took my 76 year old father with us and he had a blast.He can't stop talking about what a great relaxing time it was. We saw bald eagles and racoons.

- Richard Larson




World class fishing, in the tranquility of nature


Learn the art of survival, in true nature


Learn the art of survival, in true nature


Get up close and personal with some of Canada's most awesome wildlife


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Welcome to the start of your truly Canadian adventure.

We offer guided Canoe and hiking trips on off-the-beaten tracks in beautiful locations. Our trips are suitable for groups of any size, including individuals, families, stag and then parties, corporate events, team building, Christmas parties or friends seeking an adventure

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This was the most amazing, once in a lifetime adventure. Not only was it super fun, but educational too. I would highly recommend them!

- Stephanie Smith


Our trips are suitable for everyone including groups, individuals, families, stag and hen parties, or corporate events, team buliding etc.

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